Some of 2017 Vetavision’s PRESENTERS:

Dr. Kate Robinson BSc, DVM, MVetSc, Diplomate, American Board of Veterinary PractitionersRobinson1

Dr. Robinson was raised in Bracebridge, Ontario but earned her DVM from St. George’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Grenada. She came to the WCVM in 2008 in order to fulfill the clinical requirements for her veterinary medical degree and has stayed here ever since, ultimately completing her internship and residency in equine field service. Dr. Robinson is currently engaged in research on the prevalence of obesity and the quantification of fecal sand levels in the local horse population, and is also investigating alternative modalities for treating caudal heel pain in horses. She truly loves her job as it gives her the opportunity to help horses and their owners, and she keeps busy with the local equine community through her presentations for various groups and events such as the Grasswood Fillies and the Equine Expo. In her downtime, Dr. Robinson delights in spending time with her husband – whether that be hiking or going on road trips – and also enjoys riding her horse, playing golf, and painting.

Dr. Rhonda Shewfelt BA, DVM, MVetSc


Dr. Shewfelt teaches VBMS 314.3 and assists in veterinary anatomy labs. Known for her cheerful attitude and expertise, Dr. Shewfelt was one of four WCVM instructors who earned Teaching Excellence Awards during the 2011 University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union’s (USSU) annual “Experience in Excellence Awards” celebration. Selected by students, the USSU Teaching Excellence Awards recognize those who have demonstrated enthusiasm, organization and fairness in evaluation, providing exceptional commitment and support to their classrooms. Look for Rhonda at Vetavision doing her falconry demonstration!

Dr. Sally Sukut BA, DVMsukut_sally

Dr. Sukut is a 2001 graduate of the WCVM. Following graduation, she completed an equine internship in Virginia.  Following her internship she worked in private practice in Victoria, BC.  In 2012 she returned to the WCVM as a Clinical Associate in Radiation Oncology.  In 2013 she began a residency in Medical Imaging.  After completion of her residency she joined the Medical Imaging department as an Assistant Professor.

Dr. Kira Penney BSc (Hon), DVM, CCRT, CVA (pending)WT-Sookie-3

Dr Penney  grew up in Stephenville Newfoundland and is a 2010 graduate of the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island.  After graduation she worked in private practices in Fort McMurray and Halifax while pursuing certification in canine rehabilitation from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) as well as veterinary acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS).  She was fortunate enough to join the Rehabilitation service at the WCVM in 2015 where she has had the opportunity to provide rehabilitation and acupuncture for dogs, cats, and rabbits as well as pot belly pigs, injured wild raptors and parrots as well as many others! When not at work she is usually found spending time with her two Irish Setters Finnigan and Edward, baking and trying to take pictures of the northern lights. Kira, Finn and Edward will be doing rehabilitation demonstrations at Vetavision.


Look for these speakers at Pre-Vet Night:

Dr. Chris Clark BA, VetMb, MVetScClark1

Dr. Clark grew up in the south of England in a town called Crowborough (fans of Sherlock Holmes will recognize the name) and earned his veterinary degree from Cambridge University. He came to the WCVM in 1996 and completed his residency in large animal internal medicine before briefly returning to the UK for a year to practice in Aspatria. Dr. Clark is one of four clinicians supervising the large animal medicine service provided by the WCVM’s Veterinary Medical Center which deals with both primary and referral cases as well as the instruction of students in their fourth-year rotations. His research interests include cattle lameness, control of infectious disease, and clinical pharmacology – the last of which drew him to become involved with the Canadian gFARAD. For fun, Dr. Clark leads scout troops as they embark on hiking, camping, and canoe trips, and also enjoys home improvement.




Dr. Trish Dowling BSc, DVM, MSc, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology26905970396_953208d011_k

Dr. Dowling was born in St. James in Smithtown, New York but her family traveled with the U.S. space program so she moved through several states before eventually landing in Texas where she spent the majority of her early life. She graduated from Texas A&M before completing an internship at North Carolina State University and then practiced for a year in rural North Carolina and another year outside of Cleveland, Ohio. She subsequently completed both a residency and a Master’s degree at Auburn University in Alabama before coming to the WCVM in 1993. Dr. Dowling teaches veterinary pharmacology and established a third-year elective course on mindful practice and achieving work-life balance – the only course of its kind anywhere in veterinary medicine. She is involved in research on antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in food animals, and consults with veterinarians regarding prudent drug therapy. Additionally, she runs the Canadian Global Food Animal Residues Avoidance Databank (gFARAD), a national food safety databank. For fun, Dr. Dowling likes to run marathons, do equestrian endurance riding, and engage in mindful meditation.

Dr. Todd K. Shury DVM, B.Sc. Wildlife Health Specialist, Parks Canada

Dr. Todd Shury is a 1993 graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and has always had a fascination with wildlife and outdoor pursuits. Consequently, he has worked primarily with free-ranging wildlife and zoo animals ever since graduation: as an associate veterinarian at the Calgary Zoo, a wildlife veterinarian since 1994 and on numerous wildlife projects throughout Canada. He considers zoo and wildlife veterinarians to be the ultimate ‘general practitioners’ due to the range of species they work with (from marine mammals to invertebrates) and the many different circumstances under which the animals are examined (anaesthesiology, pathology, surgery). He is currently the wildlife veterinarian for the Parks Canada Agency and oversees wildlife health, chemical immobilization training, animal care and disease issues in 42 national parks across the country. He has been a civil servant embedded in the WCVM since 2004. He is also a past president of the Canadian Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in epidemiology in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences in his spare time.

Dr. Jerry Haigh BVMS, MRCVS, M.Sc.  Diplomate, American College of Zoological Medicine

Dr. Jerry Haigh is a Kenya-born, Glasgow graduate veterinarian whose career-long experience with wildlife has spanned four decades and four continents. He has worked on species ranging from elephants to wild dogs and polar bears to pelicans. He has written three books about wildlife. They include Wrestling With Rhinos: The Adventures of a Glasgow Vet in Kenya (2002); The Trouble With Lions: A Glasgow Vet in Africa (2008) and Of Moose and Men: A Wildlife Vet’s Pursuit of the World’s Largest Deer (2012). He is a member of Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada and lives near Saskatoon with Joanne, his wife of 43 years and an old Labrador named Caesar.